Trade Execution

Sophisticated Algorithm Suite

Traders can leverage institutional-grade algorithms, from TWAP to IS, to minimize both implicit and explicit costs

Smart Order Routing

Anboto’s gasless SOR breaks down large orders and executes each child order at the best available trading venue

Algo Dashboard

Manage, monitor and modify multiple order across various exchanges and DeFi venues in a single holistic dashboard

Portfolio Management

Manage Investment Exposure

Anboto's intuitive portfolio management solution gives the user the ability to view a detailed breakdown of their crypto holdings across all connected CeFi exchanges and DeFi venues.

Unified View

The solution provides a unified and comprehensive dashboard of your entire investment portfolio, consolidating balances and market exposures from various trading venues into a single dashboard.

Real-Time Updates

It offers real-time updates, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date information about your portfolio's balances and market positions across different venues

Pre-Trade Analysis

Liquidity Foresight

Navigate the market with a comprehensive market insights, real-time analytics and extensive liquidity venue foresight

Volume Participation

Plan your TWAP orders and monitor the risk of price impact via our detailed volume participation plot

Predictive VWAP

Improve your order execution by utilizing our predictive VWAP feature

Post-Trade Analysis (TCA)

Analyze Trading Costs

Run data analysis on your trading history to analyze your trading costs and execution quality

Industry-Standard Benchmarks

By comparing your executed price across industry-standard benchmarks in real time, Anboto’s comprehensive TCA calculates the net savings for each trade. 

Detailed Performance Analytics

Offers in-depth performance analytics of your trades, allowing users to evaluate the performance of their overall portfolio and trading strategy

Reporting & Accounting


By accumulating unified trade data with full transaction history, Anboto simplifies your reconciliation and audit processes

Personalized View

Filter across traded venues and obtain a detailed analysis report of each CeFi and DeFi venue

Comprehensive Data

Monitor your transaction history across months to help improve your overall trading strategy and outcomes